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Ravenstonedale (Raven-stan-dale after Raven beck or Russendale in local dialect) is a pretty thriving village with a single street and many outlying farms and hamlets.

The area includes  Newbiggin-on-Lune, Bowderdale and Fell End. Many gills flow into the Scandal Beck which flows through the village north to meet the River Eden east of Soulby  In Wath, Ravenstonedale the River Lune is formed which is the last of the rivers to flow south.

The Parish Church of St Oswald was rebuilt in the 18th century as a replacement of an earlier church. Important features include collegiate style box pews, a three-decker pulpit and a memorial window commemorating Elizabeth Gaunt a member of the local Fothergill family.  Elizabeth was an Anabaptist and in a show trail she was accused of involvement in the Rye House Plot a conspiracy against King Charles II.  Believed to be innocent, Elizabeth was burnt at the stake at Tyburn on 23 October 1685 and became the last women in England to be executed for a political crime.  Next to the church are the remains of a Gilbertine Priory (actually a house

At the other end of the village is High Chapel founded in 1662 for independent non-conformist religion.  This was supported and endowed by Philip, the 4th Lord Wharton.   The present building was built in 1726 and has served Presbyterian, Congregational and latterly part of the United Reform Church.  Today the chapel is a community and heritage centre.

There is also a Wesleyan Methodist Low Chapel and an endowed primary school still in use.

There is a Coronation Meadow at Piper Hole and a nine-hole golf course.  The surrounding hills are the Howgills and good walking country.

Ravenstonedale have their own village website where you will also find news of events.

Newbiggin on Lune

Next to Ravenstonedale on the A685 towards Tebay is Newbiggin-on-Lune - there is now a cycle path that links the two. 

Situated on the River Lune, this is the first of the rivers that flows south and 44 miles later comes out in Lancaster.

The Methodist Chapel still holds services and the village hall a favourite venue for plays.