Visit Upper Eden


Wharton is divided into two parts.  The first is the private Wharton Hall farm and estate, the original seat of the Lords Wharton dating from the 15th century. 

There is a private concrete road (open to pedestrians) leading from Jubilee Park which takes you past an ancient oak said to have been planted by Lord Thomas Wharton in the 16th century and bounded by lynchets, plough strips. You will see Wharton Hall in the distance before turning off on foot to Nateby or Mallerstang on one of the footpaths.

Lord Phillip Wharton, Thomas’ grandson was a leading Parliamentarian during the English Civil War and although not so successful in battle, he secured bills protecting non-conformists.  A friend to the Quakers, he built Presbyterian chapels in Ravenstonedale and Yorkshire.

Originally the village of Wharton was here next to the hall but Lord Thomas Wharton built his deer park for hunting and moved the village to Wharton Dykes to improve his view.  The village of Wharton is a spread community of farms that have close associations with Nateby.

Lammerside Castle is in Wharton parish but should be accessed from the footpath from Wharton Hall or Water Yat Bottom, Mallerstang.