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This was once a thriving community with shops and a chapel now accommodation.  They had their own fair.

Kaber achieved national notoriety for the Kaber Rigg Plot part of the  ‘The Northern Risings of 1663’, a rebellion against the Restoration of Charles II.  The main purpose was to try to urge the King to honour the promises he had made when coming to the throne in the Declaration of Breda and in particular with relevance to religious freedom. The failed rebellion led to men being hanged for treason including Captain Robert Atkinson.

The road through Kaber leads to the Tan Hill Inn, the highest pub in England on the borders of County Durham, Yorkshire and Cumbria and quite an experience, they also have a yearly show.  This is the area of Coal Mines that sustained early Kaber.

The long history of Kaber is retold in a book by Helen McDonald and Christine Dowson.